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What's up with Economy Hardware?

When they closed last winter, the Economy Hardware said they'd reopen in April, IIRC. Around April, the signs that had been up on the windows saying that disappeared and for a while there was nothing there, but then I saw something saying they'd open later in the summer. Now their web site says "by October 2011".

According to an article yesterday in MIT's The Tech, Economy Hardware still empty",
    Economy Hardware - formerly the value hardware store of choice for many MIT students - still seems to be "spring cleaning." Though it began renovations last December, a store representative said that Economy Hardware plans to reopen its location in Central Square by the end of this month. The store originally hoped to be open this spring.

... so I guess they're still planning to come back, and still sticking to "October". Hmm.

Anyone know what's taken them so long, and why they've reduced their space?

P.S. Yes, I know we still have Pill over on the other side of Central, but they have shorter hours and are usually closed when I want to get something. Also, there are some things Economy Hardware has much better selection of (and vice versa).
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