boblothrope (boblothrope) wrote in centralsquare,

Harvest Co-op is open in their new location

This morning, Harvest Co-op opened in their new location, 580 Mass Ave.

It's across the street from their old location at 581. Their website has a note about the new location, but still has several references to the old address.
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Note that they are still stocking the shelves, I just got back from a surprise trip to it (I was heading to the Shaws but the coop now has my money for the things I was looking for).

So, don't judge what they have by what's there right now... the freezer cases for example are not all up to temperature which is why a number of them are empty.

Any word on when H-Mart opens at Harvest's former location?
I had heard early January back when the initial announcement was made, but don't know if that's been updated/further specified.