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Man Ray Returning

Man Ray in tentative agreement for new home in Central Square's ex-Blockbuster

    Man Ray owner Don Holland never stopped trying to resurrect the famed Central Square nightclub. Under threat of losing his restaurant and alcohol license, he said Tuesday that he believed he's succeeded.

    The location: Central Square's former Blockbuster video, a 5,000-square-foot space at 541 Massachusetts Ave. - less than a tenth of a mile from the old location at 21 Brookline St., and even closer to nightclubs The Middle East and T.T. the Bear's Place.

    Holland said he would bring "basically the same operation" to the site, creating anew the home for the goth, fetish, LGBT and BDSM scenes that were dispersed to nights at clubs such as T.T.'s since Man Ray's closing in July 2005, forced out by a landlord who wanted to replace the club with apartments. It would also bring another stage to Central Square, with a booking sensibility that once brought in Nirvana and Bauhaus' Peter Murphy as performers.

    "Man Ray being in Central Square is what made it exciting, and it's integral to its success," [...]

Anyone still here reading this, who used to go to ManRay?
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