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reposting: "Was just mugged in Central Square, be careful out there everyone!"

Someone posted last night on

    Was just mugged in Central Square, be careful out there everyone!
    Hey guys, on Washington Street and Norfolk two men approached me, choked me out, and took my wallet, keys, phone, and longboard.

    This is going to be longshot, but if anyone sees an arbor longboard around central sqaure that sweaks a ton as it moves around, please either PM me or call the police. I saw the kids riding off with it before they left.

Later, in a comment, they added:
    Hey guys thanks so much for the support. As for the guys. Two males one white one black, probably in their late teens/early twenties. The white mail had brown short hair with light facial hair on his face, the black male had the outside of a mustache and close shaven black hair. The thing is they took my longboard, which is unique in that it is broken and makes a loud squeaking noise and it really obnoxious. I'm going into the detectives office tomorrow to look through some mugshot. If anyone wants to be kept posted let me know!
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