Cos (cos) wrote in centralsquare,

Gas station on Columbia

What's with the weird Citgo gas station at Columbia & Broadway ( this place ) ? I used to think it was a former gas station that had been closed, because I'd never see anyone at the pumps, but since I've moved here I noticed it is open... I just never see anyone getting gas there. No surprise, because their price is always ridiculously high. For example, currently it's $3.89/gallon for basic 87, while the Hess over at Inman is $3.51 and Broadway Gas is $3.43 and the highest I've seen anywhere else in camberville in the past few weeks is $3.62 over on the McGrath in east Somerville. I've been living in this neighborhood for almost four years, and their price has always been ridiculously high, which is part of the reason why I first thought it was old and closed down, but they do change the sign over time. It's always around 35-50 cents higher than other nearby stations.
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